The Project Background

The Friendship Park idea was born out of the experience of neighborly love between the Memphis Islamic Center and Heartsong Church.  We exist to create opportunities for building friendships based on mutual understanding and respect between people of all races, cultures and faiths.  Our project is the eight acre Friendship Park which will serve as a world-wide monument to friendship, a platform for making and celebrating friendships, and a launching pad for outreach experiences that will make our communities safer and more joyful places. Please check for our story on CBS Early Show and MSNBC Countdown.

The creative dream about the Friendship Park was capture and documented as MFF’s core project by the board on 22nd July 2012. Task forces were formed to brain storm and gather specific about park features and programs and were documented with the board of directors. Initial support fund was created through Lead Scouts donations. Once the board settles on the best estimate for cost of the park we will develop a plan for maintaining what will be built, and with the specific plan for the park features, a clear time line and a viable sustainability plan, we will be ready to approach donors for major funding. To this point we have a support of 80 Lead Scouts who contributed at least $1000 to our initial project support fund. All Lead Scouts will have their names inscribed on a beautiful art piece that will hang in the den area of the park building. Once 120 Lead Scouts have stepped up there will be no more. Please pray that God will direct our every step.


Friendship Park is a living monument to and catalyst for inspiring the human spirit to seek out, begin and grow friendships through wondrous play, cooperative experiences and human interchange, where cherished commonalities are celebrated, and those things unique to every race, culture and faith are discovered, explored and respected, to the end that friendships are celebrated, begin and flourish, making the world a safer and more joyful place.


To create a world class one of a kind multi-generational environment for wondrous play, cooperative experiences and human interchange that invites opportunities for making the world a safer and more joyful place through friendship.

A Gift of Friendship

Offered by

Memphis Friendship Foundation

Friendship Park will become an international experience of the friendship between American Muslims and Americans of other faiths. The park will stress the importance of building friendships that transcend cultures, races and faiths. At the same time, Friendship Park will be the platform from which to launch friendship-building initiatives. In all three roles—monument, platform and launching pad—the park serves to forward the need for people of differing perspectives and backgrounds to find common ground, and to plant and build friendships.


An idea to reality

a video by Walker Lee

This small video about the Park is the work of our youth to show us the common values of friendship by keeping the pride of their own faith. The message is stronge and the presenters have the power to turn this into reality. Please, give it a thought and we know you are on our side!

A Simple Act of Kindness

a video by Bashar Shala

…in a world filled with violence
in an atmosphere of fear
with Ignorance all around
a simple act of kindness
a gesture of trust
a friendship was born
the world paid attention
a group was formed
a dream started
let’s share
this friendship with the world!