About Us

Foundation and the people…

An unusual and rare friendship has developed between the people of the Memphis Islamic Center and Heartsong Church. This special relationship began with a simple act of neighborly love. When Heartsong became aware that Muslims had bought the land across the street from them, a sign was quickly put up welcoming the Memphis Islamic Center to the neighborhood. The leaders of MIC immediately responded, and these new neighbors met. Kindness, respect, and a generosity of spirit and resources have blossomed into mutual love as Heartsong and MIC have spent time together in fellowship and service. As the world heard about this unusual and heartfelt friendship, both congregations received feedback from the community, from the nation, and from around the world. These enthusiastic responses demonstrated the width and depth of the hunger for people of varying backgrounds to offer simple gestures of friendship to each other as a means of building peace. It is in response to that great hunger for neighborly love that the Memphis Friendship Foundation was formed, with our first project being the creation of Friendship Park, on eight acres of land shared by Heartsong and the MIC.