From the desk of Dr. Steve Stone

Dear faithful supporters, whether by prayers, deep thoughts, kindred spirit, financial means or all of the above: Thank you for your ongoing partnership with us on the Friendship Park of Memphis project.

Here’s where we are up to this point: we have the finest advisors a non-profit foundation could ever hope for, a well-developed business plan, a beautiful and informative brochure (posted on the website).  We continue to receive offers for interviews and speaking engagements to share the story of the ongoing and ever deepening friendship between the Memphis Islamic Center and Heartsong United Methodist Church (check out the GivingBack podcast-episode 100, “Heartsong Church & The Memphis Islamic Center Welcomes You”).  We are garnering the support of such influential people as Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks, International), Dr. Habib Sedeghi (Founder of the movement), Anne Eleanor Roosevelt (Chair of the Roosevelt Foundation) and Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba (the ambassador from the United Arab Emirates to the US), and many others.  We are one major donor away from launching a capital campaign to fully fund the 11,000,000+ project, and are about to hire our first Executive Director to shepherd the project to completion.

At this point we are still taking on Lead Scouts.  Once we reach 120 Lead Scouts there will be no more.  At this writing there are slots for only 24 more Lead Scouts for Friendship Park of Memphis.  A Lead Scout is one who donates $1000 to the project.  The names of the Lead Scouts will be printed on a beautiful art piece that will forever hang in the open area of the park administration building as a means of honoring those who first joined us in making the park happen.  You may donate the entire $1000 at once, or make monthly payments of $100.   If you want to claim one of the remaining 24 Lead Scout positions, please contact Dr. Steve Stone (, Dr. Bashar Shala (, or our Treasurer, Mr. Jeff Lee (, or call (901)3371346.